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Excerpts From Testimonials

PALMGARD Protective Inner glove is the #1 protective glove used by infielders and catchers and worn by many professional ballplayers from the minor leagues to the majors. The following are excerpts from some of our satisfied customers:

"What a difference! Had I known about your glove sooner, it would have saved me a lot of pain. Now, not having to worry about the pain, my confidence has definitely increased. Thank you for providing this quality needed product. I will definitely be passing the word around the field about your gloves."

David G., Mundelein, IL

"I am a retiree playing slow-pitch softball at least 4 times a week in over 60 leagues. I had bruised my palm and it keep nagging me until I started to use the Palmgard glove. This eliminated the problem at once. Also, I feel more confident when using it. Rest assured, I will let my teammates know my feelings about your company and its products."

Robert W., Palm Harbor, FL

"I noticed the difference that it made the first time that I played catch with it. I showed it to my coach and a few of my teammates, and they all seemed impressed as well. I approached one guy on my team and asked him if he had seen a Palmgard before, ready to point out its benefits, and he responded by pulling off his mitt and showing me his Palmgard. It looks like you have a very successful product."

Steve B., Chino, CA

"Iím very impressed with the quality of your glove as well as that of your company. I think the glove is great and something that was needed in the sport for a long time."

Richard H., Detroit, MI

"I play fastpitch softball and I have never seen a product so well received. All you hear from the girls in the dugout when they are about to take the field is "Where is my Palmgard.""

Dorothy S., Santa Ana, CA

"I have been using you Palmgard product now for several years. I reach and coach for girls fast pitch softball and have recommended your product to the parents. It sure has saved my hands. Good luck with your great product."

Larry S., Ontario, CA

I firmly believe that the padding designed into your glove is of superior quality and craftsmanship. I have recommended your product to several other professional baseball trainers and catchers. The concern that Palmgard has shown for out players is a true measure of superior quality and dedication your company has to the game of baseball."

Brian L., Professional Trainer

"You see! Your glove is famous. All the kids I coach see my Palmgard. I wonít put a glove on without one. My wife wears one for softball, so does my 12-year-old daughter and my 8-year-old son for baseball. We love "EM.""

Eddie B., Beverly Hills, CA  

Softball Mom from Suffolk, VA
I love my Palm Guard glove! I play on a co-ed softball team, my hand was bruised from catching the zingers the guys would throw in to 2nd base. I needed something to pad my hand or I was going to be missing a lot of throws trying to avoid injury. I looked at batting gloves, but they either had no padding or the padding wasn't where it needed to be. With the Palm Guard, I can confidently catch the hard thrown balls as well as batted balls without fear of bruising my hand. This is perfect and exactly what I was looking for!









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