We manufacture high quality Baseball and Football Gloves and Accessories that will allow you to perform better and longer at your game.
We are "THE LEADER IN HAND PROTECTION". PALMGARD merchandise is available at most popular sporting goods stores, so be sure to ask for PALMGARD products by name. 




Click on link below to display size chart.

images/Size-chart 2008.pdf

Important printing instructions:  Print the document in full size.  Do not select "fit to page" and page scaling should have "NONE" selected.  Please measure the size guide box after printing to insure the guide is the correct size.  The box should be 10 1/8" high by 3" wide.

Use the Index finger (the first finger) to determine the correct size.  Please remember the size guide is just that, "a guide" to determine the correct size.  Palmgard gloves are sized to match most other manufacturers and should be consistent with other brands.  Finger length and hand width can affect sizing as well.

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