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Great for all Sports where Grip is Essential

Our  DURA-TACK Tackifying cloth is designed to enhance your grip during any sporting activity where a "good" grip is essential.  The DURA-TACK cloth is treated with a safe, non-toxic tackifying chemical that can easily be applied to any surface.  Simply squeeze the cloth onto your hands, grips or gloves to create the necessary tack.  The harder and longer you squeeze, the tackier the grip.  It's very easy to apply just the right amount for that perfect grip.


Simply wipe your bat handle and/or batting gloves with the DURA-TACK cloth and your ready to go.  The cloth is much cleaner to use than traditional pine-tar products.  The tacky feel lasts just long enough for your at-bat, then the tack dissipates so that it won't attract grass and dirt in between at-bats.  It won't build up on the bat handle like pine-tar, so there's no need to scrape it off and damage your expensive bat.  


Simply hang the DURA-TACK cloth on your golf bag and wipe your hand, glove and grip when you get your club.  The level of tackiness is easily controlled so you can apply just enough to get off that perfect shot.  Within minutes, the tacky feel will dissipate so there's no mess.  When your ready for your next shot, simply apply as needed and your ready to go.


The DURA-TACK cloth is a must for all good receivers and backs.  Simply fold the cloth under your belt buckle so that 6 inches of the cloth hangs down in front.  Then you can squeeze the cloth in between plays with your hands/gloves to apply just enough tack to make that game winning catch.  Again, the tack will not build up on any surface  (ball, uniforms, gloves) so it is a clean and safe way to get a "sure grip."

The DURA-TACK cloth is also great for other sports including Tennis, Hockey, Weightlifting or any other sport where "Grip is Essential."


  • Will not stain or build up
  • Non-Toxic
  • Dissipates quickly
  • Lasts for 3-6 weeks when stored in the convenient storage pouch
  • Made in U.S.A

Discontinue use if skin is irritated or if irritation develops.


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