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We are "THE LEADER IN HAND PROTECTION". PALMGARD merchandise is available at most popular sporting goods stores, so be sure to ask for PALMGARD products by name. 



Batting Gloves and Football Gloves

Our objective is to continue to expand our product line with additional protective products for all sports, while increasing the brand awareness of the PALMGARD name.  We aim to "protect your hands," your most valuable asset in sports play!


Baseball and softball players, both professional and amateur, have long been plagued by digital thrombosis, (the constant swelling and bruising caused by the impact of the ball or sting from the bat, primarily upon the index finger and upper palm). The conventional baseball or softball gloves & mitts currently used for catching a ball are not effective in protecting these parts of the hand, particularly when the index finger is kept inside. Efforts to solve this problem have been largely unsuccessful primarily because additional padding is unwieldy and can cause the ball to pop out of the fielderís glove or mitt. Our patented Protective Inner Glove design uses a full size, form-fitting glove similar to a batting glove or a golf glove. It is constructed of the finest ASTRA-SOFT cabretta leather, pro-grade spandex and is designed for optimum performance and durability. We guarantee your satisfaction.


PALMGARD International, Inc. is a Maryland Corporation organized in 1988 by Mr. Charles H. Webster to manufacture, sell and distribute the PALMGARD Protective Inner Glove throughout the United States and eventually foreign markets.  Mr. Webster pursued the idea of the Protective Inner glove after bruising his hand while playing catch with his college bound son.  

Mr. Charles H. Webster,  the inventor of the glove, devoted two years toward its development, primarily testing the materials used for the glove; especially the padding, the areas of the hand that are most often affected or injured, and the placement of the padding on the gloves. It was essential that the material used for the glove provide comfort, flexibility, and durability. Similarly, the material used in the padding had to retard the rebounding effect inherent in most shock absorbent products. As a result of his research, Mr. Webster found that the best materials to suit these needs were cabretta leather, and padding composed of a specially developed synthetic foam. This material was chosen because it slowly returns to its original shape after ball impact, resulting in minimum rebounding effect. This padding is produced specifically for PALMGARD.


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